Whispering Willow Farm is a full service facility, offering Training, Showing, Lessons, Sales,  Judging, Clipping and Grooming, Clinics, and Consulting.


 I have developed a training and lesson program designed to take both horse and rider to their highest level. My horse training philosophy is based on a belief in achievement through dedication and patience, qualities that I practice with horses in training and encourage in my clients. In addition to horse training and riding lessons, I also provide coaching, judging, grooming and clipping, marketing services and sales. 


Kathy has developed a methodology of training principles to enhance partnership between horse and rider. She has a very deverse background that enables her to utilize the best training program for the horse.  Kathy is happy to travel to your facility to work with your horse when time permits.

SALES / Consulting

Kathys goal is find the perfect horse to suit your goals and desires.

Kathy can make it possible for anyone to enjoy owning an horse on any and every level. From pet and companion to international world champion, she can find exactly what you want to make your dreams of owning a beautiful horse come true.

 If you want to market that pretty foal you bred, Kathy can help you. If you are uncertain about evaluating your horses or need assistance in putting a program together, Kathy can help you through her marketing and consulting services.


Kathy is available for clinics and lectures.  She has been a speaker at events all over the US.  Her clinics are focused on understanding the horse’s natural behavior, improving the relationship between horse and rider and developing the rider’s skill and ability to communicate with and control the horse.

Kathy offers clinics on topics ranging from general horsemanship, patterns, trail riding to judging, clipping, facility management.


Whispering Willow Farm shows at open and breed shows. Whether you are just starting to show or you are an experienced showman we offer varied showing packages to support your needs.  We have experince from Tiny Tot to Elite and everything in between.


Kathy has been judging for 20+ years and is very privileged to hold the IBHA, ABRA, POAC, PtHA and WI 4H, judging cards.  She was awarded the WSHC “Judge of the Year”.


Kathy provides a quality and professional equine massage service. She will travel to you or you can bring your horse to our facilities in Franksville, WI. and is happy to advise you the best therapeutic massage type for your horses needs.   Here are some

Benefits Of Equine Massage
  • Pain Relief

  • Relief From Restlessness and Sleep Disturbances

  • Stress Relief

  • More Efficient Movement

  • Improved Posture, Circulation, Hair Coat, Muscle Tone

  • Increased Flexibility and Range Of Motion

  • Immune System Support

  • Injury Prevention

  • Increased Benefits When Used In Conjunction With Chiropractic and/or Acupuncture

Credits given for referrals and repeat customer.


We offer a program to suite the needs of the equestrian whose goals are to develop good riding skills and an understanding of their equine partners, with safety always a top priority.  We offer balanced seat (Western or English) riding instruction either on our well-disciplined horses and ponies or yours.  Balanced Seat or Equitation involves the development of the broad spectrum of riding skills known simply as horsemanship. It is the learning and perfecting of both the physical side of riding-balance, hand control, body position, foot position, stamina, strength, and the mental side which involves grace, poise, intellect and "feel" that is necessary for exacting the maximum possible performance from a horse.  Kathy is willing to travel to your barn to give lessons when time permits.


Kathy provides a quality and professional clipping and grooming service. She will travel to you or you can bring your horse to our facilities in Franksville, WI. and is happy to advise you the best clip for your horse if you are unsure. Kathy is available to clip all types of horses from miniature ponies to race horses and also caters to horses with Cushing's disease that need regular clipping all year round. At Whispering Willow Farm they use ANDIS ( clippers exclusively and will provide coaching on how to clip your own horse and maintain your own set of ANDIS clippers/blades. We offer an extensive grooming service as well. Mane maintenance, Show Braiding Manes & Tails, Banding for Western Events, Detangling, Application of Tail Enhancements, Bathing and more! Credits given for referrals and repeat customer.