Riding allows me to distance myself from life's daily occurrences. When I am on a horse I forget everything else. I am absorbed by what I do. It is a certain excapism. When sitting on a horse my mind reaches a higher plane, especially when walking on a loose rein!                                                      - Jean-Louis Guntz

Kathy Findley is an respected trainer and clinician with experience in many types of training. She grew up riding ponies and horses on an Wisconcin farm and competed in 4-H,  Quarter Horse, Arabian and Dressage throughout her youth. After raising her kids, Kathy decided to make horses her life's work-and to teach people how to work with horses safely and with kindness. Showing her dedication to teaching and safety, Kathy earned her Master Instructor and Clinician ranking with the Certified Horsemanship Association.  


Now, Kathy teaches riders how to be their horse's leader and to excel in whichever equestrian sport they choose. Her varied background and training in dressage, hunters, driving, patterns, english and western, and trail riding make her a well rounded instructor. She teaches horse owners how to establish great relationships with their horses. Kathy hopes to help all riders master their equestrian dreams and skills. Kathy shares the wisdom she's gained by reaching her master-level CHA status and encourages all horse people to become the leaders/masters their horses want and deserve. Natural horsemanship is founded on understanding horse behavior and the idea that horses look for leadership, direction and assurance that they're safe and acting appropriately. Kathy strives to teach you how to master that ideal and emphasizes the importance of life-long learning.

Kathy enjoys working with all ages and levels of riders to help them achieve their goals. Being successful in the show ring or on the trail depends on the basics of proper horsemanship skills.  Her lesson, coaching, and training programs are energetic, 1 on 1, or group session’s that are positive and non-pressured.  An individual program is designed to develop a working partnership between horse and rider.

She takes pride in her work, always striving for the best interest of the horses and their owners. She has enabled many dreams to become a reality. Kathy would be honored to have you as a client so you can be a part of the excitement of the horse industry. Come by for a visit and bring some carrots, you will surely make a lot of lifetime friends.